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June 10, 2010

MOST URGENT      Sent Facsimile and U.S. MAIL

Mr. Timothy A. Williams
INTERPOL Washington
United States National Central Bureau
Washington D.C. 20530

Re:       World Global Settlements

Dear Mr. Williams

I write to you on a most urgent basis to solicit the assistance of INTERPOL in securing the release of funds now being held in the U.S. for distribution to some 20 line item trustees/payees as defined by the recent BASEL conferees, which distribution has been pending now since January, 2010.  I write to you as counsel for Michael C. Cottrell, B.A., M.S., of Erie, Pennsylvania, USA, and his corporations: Pennsylvania Investments, Inc., registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and Cottrell Securities Limited, registered in England and Wales, and as counsel for some 50,000 shareholders of CMKM Diamonds, Inc.

As of noon time on this date, I am advised and understand the following:

  • World Global Settlement funds have been collected and remain, inter alia, in the custody of the Bank of America in Richmond, Virginia.
  • Funds sufficient to cover all disbursements to be made by the authority of the Paymaster have been confirmed this date to remain in the custody of Bank of America.
  • The Paymaster authority, Mr. Lindell H. Bonney, Sr., has spent more than eight weeks over the past three months, in Richmond, for the purpose of concluding these transfers in accord with the BASEL agenda.
  • Mr. Bonney and his associates have returned to Richmond this date for the purpose, again, of concluding these transactions; they were then advised by the U.S. Senate Banking Committee Chairman and the U.S. Senate Finance Committee that such transfers could not proceed as they continue to be blocked by Mr. Leon Panetta, among others.
  • I have previously written to President Barack Obama and to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II; copies of this correspondence are attached hereto for your information and review.
  • Any further delay in disbursement of these funds will engender considerable harm to many, and is without any legal basis.  I hereby urge your assistance and request intervention by the several plane loads of INTERPOL agents who have been sworn to assist in ferreting out financial misdeeds, and bringing the miscreants to justice. .

I am persuaded by these facts, that the direct intervention of INTERPOL is absolutely required, from this time forward, to assist the Paymaster authority in fulfilling his instructions to finish these settlement payments, and to finally bring this matter to conclusion.  Release of these Settlement funds, which has now been delayed for nearly six months, must be made forthwith.

It is now imperative that this matter be concluded; further delay is simply unacceptable.  Such delay not only puts all of us in jeopardy, it encourages and emboldens those who seek to destroy not only these Settlements but the entire world structure.  I respectfully demand that INTERPOL act consistent with the charter given to them by President Obama in his December, 2009 Executive Order, and subsequently by the Attorney General of the United States.  Circumstances now dictate that direct intervention is a must.  Thank you in advance for your help, and your willingness to support the U.S. Constitution; it is appreciated by many, and will indeed have a significant impact on the future financial health of the world.




Enclosures:            Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II; dated April 26, 2010
His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh; April 28, 2010
President Barack Obama; dated May 14, 2010
President Barack Obama; dated May 19, 2010
President Barack Obama; dated May 20, 2010
The Rt. Hon. Christopher Geidt; dated May 21, 2010

The Rt. Hon. Christopher Geidt; dated May 26, 2010
President Barack Obama; dated May 27, 2010
The Rt. Hon. Christopher Geidt; dated May 28, 2010

Cc:            LaTonya Miller, Public Affairs, USNCB
Lindell H. Bonney, Sr.
Dana Wilcox
Michael C. Cottrell
President Barack Obama
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
David Cameron, UK Prime Minister