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June 25, 2010

MOST URGENT                                                                                

Sent Via E-Mail and Facsimile

The Right Honorable George Osborne, MP
Chancellor of the Exchequer
HM treasury
Horse Guards Road
London SW1A 2HQ
Fax No. 020 7270 4580

Re:       U.S. Dollar Refunding Project

Dear Honorable George Osborne:

I write to you on a most urgent basis in furtherance of matters raised in my prior correspondence to Buckingham Palace; I understand that you have been instructed and made aware of my approach, and the various points raised in my earlier notices.  Your assistance is most urgently required in addressing matters of world financial concern, and the apparent disavowal of earlier promises to accept U.S. Dollar Refunding Project agreements made and reaffirmed at earlier G-8 meetings.

I most recently wrote to the Palace on May 28, 2010 to solicit the assistance of your government in securing the release of funds being held in the U.S. which are required for implementation of the U.S. Dollar Refunding Project.  I write to you again in furtherance to that subject, on behalf of my clients Michael C. Cottrell, B.A., M.S., of Erie, Pennsylvania, USA, and his corporations: Pennsylvania Investments, Inc., registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and Cottrell Securities Limited, registered in England and Wales.

The events of the past few days are particularly troubling.  As of the afternoon of June 25, 2010, I am advised and understand the following:

  • World Global Settlement funds had been collected and were in the custody of the Bank of America in Richmond, Virginia.
  • Said funds were sufficient to cover all disbursements to be made by the authority of the Paymaster for the purpose of concluding these transfers in accord with the BASEL agenda.
  • On May 27, 2010 US President Barack Obama personally intervened in the scheduled May 27 release of funds, and instructed that the funds be held until after the U.S. Memorial Day Holiday.
  • I personally wrote to President Obama, protesting his actions, a copy of which was also submitted to the British Royal Monarchal Power; Mr. L.H. Bonney, Sr. personally verified that a copy of the letter was submitted to, and received by, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II through MI-5 and MI-6.
  • US Vice President Biden was also provided a copy of the May 27, 2010 letter and acknowledged the veracity of President Obama taking direction from former President G.H.W. Bush; he indicated that President Obama’s citizenship status was being used as very effective leverage against the President, and also admitted that he was personally compromised.
  • Mr. L.H. Bonney, Sr. has confirmed at Bank of America that no communication has yet been received from President Obama regarding authorization for release of the Settlement funds.
  • On June 23, 2010 Mr. Bonney advised that “they are letting the Obama/Bank of America people believe they are in control” giving them rope to hang themselves, and after 5:00 PM the funds will be release to his custody; he also advised that the Chinese lien-holder will act on Thursday in accord with the Special Foreclosure.
  • Although moneys for complete payout were confirmed by the Federal Reserve/Bank of America, US Vice President Biden was at the same time advising authorities that he is ready to “move on, and out of the White House.”
  • On Thursday, June 24, 2010 Mr. L.H. Bonney, Sr. advised that payment must be released to him by noon or there would be “hell to pay;” Vice President Biden was unable to obtain immunity such that he could “move on” even though Hilary Clinton had voiced a desire to be appointed Vice President of the US.
  • The Chinese lien-holder was insisting on payment release after funds had been reconfirmed, even though a further attempt was made to steal the funds by Obama’s California banker, Carlson; as a result, all of Obama’s bankers and most (if not all) of the Bushs’ bankers have now been arrested..
  • On the evening of June 24, a video tele-conference between the “company” and the Connecticut Trustee (Paul Sigue) regarding release/movement of funds was held; there is a concern that if the funds are released, stolen funds will also be moved and paid to the Bush/Clinton cabal.
  • Mr. Bonney also advised that the Foreclosure Date is not June 24, 2010 – it is actually July2, 2010; although Mr. Bonney advised that three trusts would be paid out on June 24, such payout would not include payment for the U.S. Dollar Refunding Project, or anyone associated with it; Dana Wilcox later advised that any payouts made would include all parties.
  • As of 10:30 AM EDT this morning of June 25, 2010, the display screens at Bank of America, Richmond, Virginia were blank, indicating that the funds had been removed; no information was available to any party or payee regarding the location and/or distribution of such funds before 12:30 PM, which results in a further delay until Tuesday, June 29, 2010.
  • Just prior to the 12:30 PM deadline, Dana Wilcox verified that at least $ 4.7 Trillion of the funds had been removed to an unknown location; accordingly, he advised Mr. L.H. Bonney, Sr. to call MI-6, Her Majesty the Queen, Geneva, Switzerland, and San Marino, Italy to inform them that the FUNDS ARE MISSING and HAVE NOT BEEN PAID OUT or released to Mr. Bonney.
  • All members and attendees at the G-8 and G-20 meetings should be made aware thatTHE PAYMENTS PREVIOUSLY AGREED TO AND SET FORTH ON THE BASEL LIST HAVE NOT BEEN MADE AS A DIRECT RESULT OF THE ACTIONS OF OBAMA, ET. AL.
  • As of 1:15 PM EDT this afternoon, the Bank of America in Richmond is now alleging thatTHE PAYOUTS HAVE BEEN MADE AND RELEASED TO MR. BONNEY

I am persuaded by these facts, that direct intervention of the Royal Monarchal Power through your good offices, is absolutely required to bring this matter to conclusion.  To secure release of these Settlement funds, it is now imperative that this power, as a U.S. Treasury lien-holder, be exercised forcefully to effectuate resolution.   Any further delay not only jeopardizes the severely stressed world financial condition, but serves to encourage those seeking even further delay.

This is a matter which can now only be concluded at such time as the Royal Monarchal Power utilizes the power which has been granted; direct intervention is imperative.  Thank you very kindly in advance for your help; it is truly appreciated by many, and will have significant impact on the future financial health of the world.




Cc:            Lindell H. Bonney, Sr.
Dana Wilcox
Michael C. Cottrell
President Barack Obama
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Interpol, USNCB