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May 28, 2010

MOST URGENT      Hand Delivered

The Rt. Hon. Christopher Geidt, CVO, OBE
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA
Re:       U.S. Dollar Refunding Project

Dear Honorable Christopher Geidt:

I most recently wrote to you on May 26, 2010 to solicit the assistance of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in securing the release of funds being held in the U.S. which are required for implementation of the U.S. Dollar Refunding Project.  I write to you again in furtherance to that subject, on behalf of my clients Michael C. Cottrell, B.A., M.S., of Erie, Pennsylvania, USA, and his corporations: Pennsylvania Investments, Inc., registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and Cottrell Securities Limited, registered in England and Wales.

As of the afternoon of May 28, 2010, I am currently advised and understand the following:

  • World Global Settlement funds have been collected and remain in the custody of the Bank of America in Richmond, Virginia.
  • Said funds are sufficient to cover all disbursements to be made by the authority of the Paymaster who has now spent more than eight weeks over the past three months, in Richmond, for the purpose of concluding these transfers in accord with the BASEL agenda.
  • I became aware on May 27, 2010 that President Barack Obama had personally intervened in the scheduled May 27 release of funds, and had instructed that the funds be held until after the U.S. Memorial Day Holiday.
  • As any further delay in disbursement of these funds will engender considerable harm to many, and is without any legal basis, I wrote to President Obama putting him on notice and soliciting his cooperation. [A copy of that letter is attached]
  • My letter to President Obama was distributed to all parties dealing with the World Global Settlement funds, to both political parties in Washington, D.C., to the Democratic Caucus and its counsel, to the Black Caucus and its counsel, and to President Obama’s priest.
  • The letter was also submitted to the British Royal Monarchal Power through your good offices; Mr. L.H. Bonney, Sr. has also verified that a copy of the letter was submitted to, and received by, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II through MI-5 and MI-6.
  • Counsel for the Black Caucus immediately recognized that a criminal offense had been committed; he advised that he would directly inform the President by reading the letter to him on Air Force One today, as well as advise the President of his personal responsibility, over the four day weekend, for costs in the “Billions of USD.”  Said counsel also stated that “if release [of the funds] was not taken care of today – they [the Black Caucus] would wash their hands of him [President Obama].”
  • Vice President Biden was also informed of the May 27, 2010 letter, provided a copy, and discussed the veracity of President Obama taking direction from former President G.H.W. Bush; he indicated that President Obama’s citizenship status was being used as very effective leverage against the President.
  • Vice President Biden also admitted that he was personally compromised, and therefore unqualified to succeed President Obama in the event that the President’s tenure is successfully attacked.
  • It now appears that it is only a matter of time before formal process is instituted to remove President Obama from office; however the “Succession List” has now been severely compromised by the failure to complete distribution of the subject funds.
  • I was advised at noon time this date that the on-site Paymaster authority, Mr. L.H. Bonney, Sr, had confirmed at Bank of America that no communication had been received from President Obama regarding authorization for release of the Settlement funds; accordingly, he was returning to Ohio.
  • Prior to Mr. Bonny’s departure he further advised that all collected funds were in a “locked-down” mode, and that all else is now in written form for further use in resolving the issue of final distribution of these Settlement funds.

As I have previously indicated, I am persuaded by these facts, that only the direct intervention of the Royal Monarchal Power will be efficacious in bringing this matter to conclusion.  To secure release of these Settlement funds, it is now imperative that the Royal Monarchal Power exercise that power, as a U.S. Treasury lien – holder, to effectuate timely resolution.   Any further delay will not only jeopardize the severely stressed world financial condition, but will certainly serve to encourage those seeking even further delay.

This is a matter which now clearly seems can only be concluded at such time as the Royal Monarchal Power utilizes the power which has been granted, to effect closure through direct means.  I apologize in advance for having to involve you further in this situation; however, circumstances dictate that direct intervention is now an imperative.  Thank you very kindly in advance for your help; it is truly appreciated by many, and will indeed have a very significant impact on the future financial health of the world.




Cc:      Michael C. Cottrell
Lindell H. Bonney,  Sr.
Christopher Story